Since this blog doesn’t seem to work properly, you can find me on these blogs, in English and Finnish, respectively:

Terhi, Finland, June 16th, romantic and idealistic, soon-to-be-a bachelor in psychology, Whovian, Sherlockian, Browncoat, Hufflepuff, cosplayer, otaku, not a queen, a khaleesi, Whoufflepuff, Johnlocked

❒ Single  ✔ Taken ✔ Waiting for the Doctor.

Things I’m fond of: Doctor Who♥ Firefly♥ Downton Abbey♥ BBC Sherlock♥ Fullmetal Alchemist♥ Neon Genesis Evangelion♥ Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann♥ Twin Peaks♥   Sonic the Hedgehog♥ Game of Thrones♥ Pokémon♥ Digimon♥ House M.D.♥ Magic Knight Rayearth♥ Arina Tanemura’s art♥ Phineas and Ferb♥ Grandia♥ psychology♥ cosplay♥ cats♥ gothic and lolita fashion♥ Florence and the Machine♥ The Killers♥ Coldplay♥ Dream Theater♥ Kemopetrol♥ Editors♥ Dir en Grey♥ L’Arc~en~Ciel♥ Rentrer en Soi♥ Hurts♥ CMX♥

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