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Allons-y! It’s French, for let’s go.


My name is Terhi, but I use the name “Kaylee” online for various reasons. This is my travel blog, actually my exchange blog. I’ll travel to Sheffield next January, and I’ll study some psychology and finish my bachelor’s thesis in Sheffield Hallam University during the spring term! I can’t wait! ♥

I’m a die-hard Doctor Who fan, as you can see from my url, avatar and other stuff. David Tennant is one of my idols, and so is Kate Bush. Yeah.

I’m still in Finland, where I’m from, in Jyväskylä, actually. It’s my third year at the local university, and I’ve been really busy with my studies, and also with my freetime, Doctor Who turning 50 and all that.

This is a short start, but I think I’ll write here more when in England. See you around and Merry Christmas! ♥