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Keep calm and carry on

Since I realized that this blog isn’t working properly, I created other blogs for my time in England. Find more info here! :3 ♥


We’re suffering from technical difficulties, please hold.

Hi! ♥

I had some problems with this blog here on WordPress: the blog duplicated itself, and almost every time I logged in, I saw a different version of it. Since I had different headers for both replicas, I could easily tell which one it was. I also made unique posts for both versions, so I can even more clearly… And the blog versions kept changing. The WordPress “My Blogs” page even shows two blindingtardises. (The URL, heh.)

So, long story short, I decided to create another blog for my time in exchange in Blogger! I will travel to Sheffield in… 9 days, actually! ♥ I just booked the tickets and could finally apply for accommodation… I hope I get a place to stay before I leave…

This entry is a modified version of the entry I posted in Blogger, but I decided to keep this blog active as well. Let’s see how strange this’ll turn out… See ya!